November 13, the Second French Revolution

November 13, 2015. The Second French Revolution.

Young Europeans, around age 25, of Arab origin, living an identity crisis.
Do not feel accepted in their cultures of origin. Are considered foreigners in cultures where they live in Europe.

The world is in a global identity crisis.

France has the mission to recover the value and respect for social cultures.

“How much easier it could be if we focused on our similarities instead of our differences. And with that, how much easier it would be to find the necessary cooperation that would pave the way for global assistance in helping everyone acquire what they need” Stephen Knapp, The Whole World is One Family


“The trouble we see so much of in the world today is not so much a clash of religions, but a clash of individual egos of people who associate their bodily identity and cause with their religion. It is the tendency of the human mind to cling to those people who are similar, and claim superiority over those who are different. This itself leads to the divisions of religion, caste, ethnic group, or race. Thus, the tendency becomes to defend one’s own weakness, inferiority or insecurity by unnecessarily criticizing and hurting others to establish one’s own sense of position and superiority. However, in these days this is often done in the egotistical guise of defending one’s own religion. But this ignores the very love, compassion and tolerance that most religions claim to represent or teach. And certainly it ignores the very love, mutual respect and cooperation that we seek, and that the world depends on if we and this planet are to survive. Why not take the noble path of being more willing to live up to your religion rather than to simply fight or die for it? This alone would settle many of our differences and world problems. We have to decide whether we want to live with each other or fight with one another. The answer should be obvious.” Stephen Knapp, The Whole World is One Family



The World is One

Alonso Alves Pereira Neto

Cocriando Valor

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